About Us

About u2bviews

-How does it all come together and work?

Basically, you first earn credits for viewing videos that other people have submitted using our unique Video Surfing script.The script pretty much does everything for you automatically, so all you pretty much have to do is to sit back and relax. For each video you watch, in turn, you earn a 'credit'. Using the unique credits you have earned, you can then procceed onto submitting your own unique videos to u2bviews.

-How are you 100 percent completely sure that this will work?

Firstly, our system was heavily tested on existing videos before going live, and the results were quite promising. Basically, here's a quick overview on how the credit/view system work :

-> First, you insert your video to u2bviews. Our unique script then checks how many views the video has to start with.

-> You then put in the desired number of credits you want.1 credit = 1 view on YouTube.

-> So for example: If you insert a video wich already has 10 views on YouTube, and then you place 10 credits on the video , the video will end up with 20 views on YouTube. (And only when the youtube counter reachs that views, it will then be removed from the system).

-How do Subscribers, Likes, and Favorites work?

Once you are about to submit your youtube video on our site, its given you the option to chose if you want to get likes & channel subscription or ever an favorite associated with that video

You will get Infinite Subscribers & Likes & Favorites (if you select them on the checkboxes while assigning the video) while the video is on rotation, this will cost you the same price of the number of credits that you place on the "Views to Assign",

meaning that if you place 250 credits on the "views to assign" and you click for example on to get "Video Likes" the TOTAL cost will be 500 credits (250 + 250).

-How do Custom Comments work?

Once you are about to submit your youtube video on our site, its given you the option to chose if you want to get custom comments, it comes by default with 2 comment boxes, feel free to click on the *Add Box* to add more custom comments, If you do not wish to use the comments just leave them blank, otherwise it will cost 3 credits per comment

Custom comments are an EXCLUSIVE feature from our site, these are powerfull since you can write whatever you want the other users to write on your videos, making them look more legit!

-Is there an alternate view to gain credits?

Yep, we have simple but yet strong referral system which you can use to earn a lot of easy credits!

You will be provided with a unique referral link, and if people register using that link and start earning credits, you will earn 0.1 credits for each credit they earn. Reffering many people can mean you can earn dozens of credits just from other people watching videos!

To see your referral link you can click on this link (you need to be loggined): http://u2bviews.com/panel/referrals/